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Web Page for Amateur Radio (Ham) Stations W7PRN and K6PRN Radio Systems, located in the states of California, Oregon and Washington
The Patio Radio Network is a user supported UHF wide area linked mountain top repeater system that covers Northern California, Central Oregon and Southern Washington

Maps of the Patio Radio System

Oregon Map    New!!!

California Map 

Letter of Appreciation

                 CLICK HERE FOR THE KJ6RA SteppIR™ Installation    

40M Beam Addition @ KJ6RA         

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September 25, 2014
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Rich Zanni

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Your Ever Faithful Repair Staff
From Left to Right:
Rich Zanni (KJ6RA), Joel Determan (K7TGZ), John Hammond (K7IIJ), Gary James (N6CNG) and Steve Porter (WA6YSM) in front.